According to the CSO, the total number of tourists in Latvia during this period increased by 8.6%. In the first winter months of Jurmala was the second after Riga the most popular destination among foreign and among Latvian tourists.

Half spent the night in Jurmala the guests were tourists from Latvia, the other half foreign tourists, mainly from Russia, Estonia and Lithuania. There were also guests from Belarus, Germany, Uzbekistan, Norway, Belgium, Sweden and Ukraine.

There has been an increase in the number of tourists from strategically important for Jurmala of the countries in which the company holds marketing activities, said Leyte. So, a 95% increase in the number of tourists from Finland, 45% - from Lithuania and Norway, 27% from Russia and Estonia. The number of Latvian tourists grew by 31%.

The highest workload in the first quarter were in rehabilitation centers and resort hotels of jūrmala. The average length of stay of tourists in Jurmala amounted to three days.