According to police, the attackers suddenly started to shoot at Lion's gate of the Old city, and then tried to escape on the Temple mount. However, the police managed to find them, and in the shootout all three were killed.
According to local media, when they found firearms and knives.

Information about the identity of the attackers was not disclosed. The wounded were hospitalized, two of them subsequently died in hospital. Currently, the entrance to the temple mount in connection with the case closed and all visitors evacuated.

With the end of 2015 in Israel recorded a spate of attacks on Israelis by Palestinians and Israeli Arabs. For attacks used not only firearms, but knives and cars. In just two years as a result of these attacks killed 42 Israelis.

Over the same period has killed more than 240 Palestinians. According to the Israeli authorities, in most cases we are talking about the participants of the attacks on Israelis. Both sides of the conflict are accused of escalating violence each other.
The temple mount is a Holy place for Jews and Muslims. It is in East Jerusalem, whose status remains one of the most contentious issues of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The Palestinians consider East Jerusalem the capital of their state in the future, but the Israeli side insists that the whole city is United and indivisible capital of Israel.