The European Union and Turkey agreed on the criteria for the selection of Syrian refugees, who will get the chance to move to the EU, in the framework of the current agreement between Brussels and Ankara. On Wednesday, may 4, according to the German newspaper Bild. According to the newspaper, which refers to the authoritative documents, accepted in the EU will be only the Syrians who applied for asylum prior to November 29, 2015.

Preference for resettlement in the EU will be given to girls and women, survivors of torture and violence, as well as the sick and disabled. Those who have previously entered or tried to enter the territory of the EU, will be denied. The refugees are selected for resettlement, must agree that they will not be able to choose the EU country in which they wish to live.

As noted by Bild, primary interviews with migrants on the territory of Turkey will be held by specialists of the UN office for refugees (UNHCR). The migrants have to submit all the necessary documents and personal information in full. The host country can verify the data and to remove fingerprints from potential immigrants.

If a positive decision, the authorities of the host country shall arrange for medical examination of migrants and to organize their transportation. After arriving to the EU territory, the refugees will receive a residence permit for a period of one year, which they desire may be later extended.