Pre-trial investigation of the criminal process conducted by the Prosecutor spectrometry to combat organized crime. Under his instruction, financial police officer, on 9 June, conducted nine searches. On the same day, suspected of money laundering have been recognized by two people. Detained by the insolvency administrator the next day was considered a suspect in money laundering.

14 Jun suspected of money laundering and misappropriation of money voted by the insolvency administrator, he is removed from office. The next day the suspect in two crimes recognized by the former insolvency administrator, now a sworn advocate.

In the criminal process the decision on the beginning of the process the use of coercive means of influence in respect of a legal entity. June 16, the suspect recognized as another man. In respect of the five persons elected as a preventive measure not related to deprivation of liberty. In the interests of the investigation more detailed information is not yet available.

As reported, last week was detained the administrators of insolvency process Nauris has Brewskis, Maris Spruds and Ilmars Krums, and the financier Loren Ritums.

According to LETA, the Office for combating economic crimes of the beginning of two separate criminal process. In one Spruds appears along with the administrator of the liquidated Trasta komercbanka a high-speed Internet access and Ritums. The sprūds and Krums was charged with extortion and legalization of illegal funds, and Ritums is complicity in these crimes. In the second case appears to have Brewskis, but about the crimes incriminated to him is not known.

The TV program "Nothing personal" last year reported that high-speed Internet access in the process of liquidation has spent nearly 7 million euros on various contracts for the provision of services, and most of those funds went to the Spruds.

The portal reports that a case initiated on the complaint of the creditors Trasta komercbanka — offshore companies Import Fairwood LLP and Ergo Tec LLP that the money that is owed to them as creditors of the liquidated Bank, was paid a third, non-Bank entities. In General, we are talking about the sum more than 800 thousand dollars.