"This event is one of a chain of shares we started with a rally on 23 October 2017, then a rally on 16 November , we are holding a rally in Brussels and our next event will be held on 14 December at 16.30 at the Ministry of education," explains Russian Union of Latvia. In the ranks of the participants of the picket were noted, MEPs Andrey Mamykin and Tatyana Zhdanok, as well as activist Degi Karaev.

According to the plan of the Ministry of education and science of Latvia, in the 2020/2021 school year in high school, from 10 th to 12 th grade, teaching General subjects will be carried out in the state language. With the exception of items related to history and culture, as well as the language of national minorities, and literature.

Some time ago on the portal of public initiatives Manabalss.lv for the collection of signatures was submitted initiative on the autonomy of Russian schools, but it was not accepted. The purpose of the initiative was to ensure that the education of national minorities was separated from MES, because "the Ministry can't cope with that". Mitrofanov is confident that with Autonomous control will take into account the interests of minorities. This initiative, the activists plan to submit to Ministers.

In a letter to the Cabinet of Ministers emphasizes that the 1996 ruling policy, "selected almost exclusively by the votes of the Latvian majority", have repeatedly tried to eliminate the education of minorities, placing it completely on the Latvian language. "Thanks to the confrontation of the Russian community, these attempts have not crowned success. Minority schools continue to work. In the Russian language in Russian schools still taught about half of the objects", — said in the letter. But now the ruling party "resumed attack on Russian education, setting a goal for three years to translate the entire educational process in the Latvian language".

"In circumstances where the authorities are unable and unwilling to protect the interests of Russian voters and taxpayers in Latvia, we want to create a separate institution, the autonomy of the Latvian Russian schools" — said in a letter to the government.

Autonomy should be allocated to 27-37% of the budget of the Ministry and to transfer all functions pertaining to Russian schools and schools of other minorities, if they want to. Also needed a special law on education of national minorities.

This autonomy will develop and implement curriculum and model for the development of knowledge mainly in their native language. "We commit to the diet and the government to develop the law on education of national minorities and the relevant acts of redistribution of funds", — said in the letter.