The author of the will has committed suicide in October 2016. Found him a wife who also found next to the corpse of the phone. The friends of the deceased asked to see the history of calls and messages, to understand who is suicidal could warn about their intentions. Then showed a text message, which subsequently decided the fate of the trial, according to Mashable.

Witnesses managed to take a photo of the screen with the text message. "Dave, Nick and Jack, what I have is a house and a pension. Leave my ashes in the garden behind the house I'm just exhausted. A little bit of money for a TV, and a little bit in the Bank. PIN credit card 3636, MRN190162Q 10/10/2016. My will" — said in a text message.

The decision was made judge of the Supreme court of Queensland after found no evidence of the existence of other wills left by the deceased.

A widow who challenged the legality of SMS, tried to prove that if the deceased had not sent a text message, it does not mean what it wrote. But judge Susan brown recognized SMS full will because of the words at the end of "my will". In her opinion, the deceased person has made it clear who should own the property after his death.

Also during the trial it became clear that the deceased often talked with his brother and nephew shortly before his death and probably wanted to send a message to them.

The law of Queensland says that the last will must be written and signed by two witnesses. If a person dies without a will, all property distributed under the state law of succession.