"Tour of Canada", which ended the world Cup-15/15, took place from 1 to 12 March. In 12 days the participants had to conduct 8 races in Gatineau, Montreal, Quebec city and Canmore.

Ustyugov won the first race — sprint, and then until the last day running around in purple bib of the overall leader. His main rivals for the overall win was Petter Northug and Sundbyu lag is in the middle of the "Tour" was reached two minutes. In Montreal and Quebec city had the advantage of the Russians, but the Midlands in Canmore best felt who received the course Sundbyu.

Before the last start — pursuit 15 km classic style Ustyugov won the second Northga 31, Sundbyu 38 seconds. Soon after the start Sundbyu ahead of Northug and the two Norwegians gave chase. After 5 km they are getting to Ustyugov in the 15 seconds, then caught up with him, and in one of the lifts Sundbyu grabbed the lead. Favorite race has quickly created a backlog of 20 seconds.

In the middle distance Russians fled from Nortura and reduced the backlog from Sundbyu to 12 seconds, but then began to lag. At the finish of Northug won Ustyugov almost a minute, Nartova — about two minutes.

Thus, Sundbyu became the first ever winner of "Tour of Canada". This season he has won all the major competitions — the Tour de ski, overall world Cup standings and prestigious race in Norway. Ustyugov on the second stage race in a row proved to be among the winners: the "Tour de Ski" was the third.

A similar scenario took place and women's race 10 km classic, where the dispute for the overall victory were Norwegian women Yohaug and Heidi Weng. Before the last start hung had a head start over its compatriot in 40 seconds, but after the first cycle of three lost it all and began to rapidly fall behind. In the end Weng lost Yohaug more minutes.

As on "Tour de ski", the winner of the race in Canada was Yohaug (winner of the world Cup-15/16), and the top three winners were also Veng and another Norwegian Ingvild Ostberg Flugstad.

Cross-country skiing. The world Cup. "Tour Of Canada"

Summary. 8-th stage. Canmore

Men. Pursuit. 15 km, classic style

1. Martin Jonsrud Sundbyu (Norway) — 47.24,1
2. Sergey Ustyugov (Russia) 57,7 sec
3. Northug Petter (Norway) 1.52,5
4. Maurice Manifica (France) 2.18,4
5. Alex Harvey (Canada) 2.53,9
6. Matti Heikkinen (Finland) 3.06,8
7. Emil Iversen (Norway) 4.12,7
8. Hans Christer Holund (Norway) 5.14,3
9. Finn Haugen Krogh (Norway) 5.23,7
10. Marcus Hellner (Sweden) 6.01,3...

Women. Pursuit, 10 km, classic style

1. Teresa Yohaug (Norway) — 34.12,4
2. Heidi Weng (Norway) 1.07,8
3. Flugstad Ingvild Ostberg (Norway) 2.13,3
4. Krista Pharmacoki (Finland) 2.56,2
5. Jessica Diggins (USA) 3.08,5
6. Astrid Jacobsen (Norway) 4.12,0
7. Kerttu Niskanen (Finland) 5.20,5
8. Anna Kyllonen (Finland) 5.34,8
9. Justyna Kowalczyk (Poland) 6.55,7
10. Maiken Caspersen Falla (Norway) 7.07,8...