The incident occurred on February 16 immediately after the match 1/16 finals of the Europa League with the Turkish "Fenerbahce" (0:2) in Istanbul. Tarasov took a t-shirt, under which was a t-shirt with the image of Putin and inscription "Most polite President." The player himself stated that he did not want to make any provocations.

UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against the Russian football player and he was threatened with disqualification for a period of 10 games for political propaganda.

In the end, Tarasov escaped with only a fine of five thousand Euro pursuant to paragraph 4 of the rules of the game of football and article 4.01 of the regulations prohibiting all forms of ideological, political and religious propaganda in football.

The act of the Russian football player has caused a mixed reaction at home, and public opinion was inclined to believe that patriotism is better to show the victories on the football field, and not through dubious actions.