This iconographic or embroidered with the image of the descent from the cross the body of Jesus Christ, believe in the coffin. The shroud is installed for worship before the altar of the temple.

On good Friday, Metropolitan of Riga and all Latvia Alexander will perform divine service in the Riga Cathedral of the Nativity.

14.00 — will be Vespers with the removal of the Holy shroud, it will make his Eminence, Alexander, Metropolitan of Riga and all Latvia.

17.00 — Matins will be held with the Service Bogatirenko Burial and Procession with Holy Shroud of the Savior.

The shroud will be in the churches up to the beginning of the Paschal services, during which time she returned to the altar. Thus, to see her parishioners only in these pre-Easter days.

Until late in the evening Friday and during Holy Saturday before the Orthodox churches, you will see a long queue of parishioners wishing to "venerate" the Holy shroud. Even those who rarely attend Church, this day strive to find the time to worship this sacred symbol, a symbol of the end of the terrestrial life of Christ.