The marchers were joined by some of the most famous and highly paid Matador of the present, including Enrique Ponce and Julian Lopez Escobar, nicknamed El Juli and Jose Antonio Morante Camacho, better known as Morante de La Puebla.

The marchers carried banners that proclaimed corrida essential element of the cultural heritage and identity.

Morante de La Puebla in his speech said that the Torero subjected to discrimination on the part of politicians. Ponce stood up for the bullfight, emphasizing that for centuries has been an integral part of Spanish culture, despite the fact that someone refuses to admit it. He demanded to Torero treated with no less respect than people in other creative professions.

At the same time was held to protest against bullfighting — it was attended by about 20 scantily clad people who poured red paint to symbolically Express the suffering of animals. They demanded to ban the bullfights.

Disputes do not cease bullfighting in Spain for many years. In 2010 bullfighting was banned in Catalonia from 2012 on the territory of this Autonomous region bullfighting is not carried out.

Local authorities in some parts of the country, especially those where in power there are representatives of left-wing parties, are also trying to ban bullfights.