"Met with President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Got a good discussion on Syria. Assistance as the assistance of China, in resolving the threat to the North Korean crisis. Progress has been made", — he wrote on Twitter.

He also attacked the critics, saying that to have good relations with Russia is helpful. "When all the haters and the fools will realize that to have good relations with Russia is good, not bad. They play politics is bad for our country. I want to resolve the issue, the DPRK, Syria, Ukraine and terrorism — and Russia [this] can be very to help!" — added trump.

The US President said that his predecessor, Barack Obama could not establish good relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin because he didn't have the right "chemistry," according to Politico.

As trump said to reporters at the White house, it can have excellent relations with Putin. He noted that this is particularly important at the moment because "we live in a dangerous time". Also, the us President criticized the former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who, in his opinion, are unable to establish contact with the President of Russia.

"Obama [also] tried and failed. It did not, because he didn't have the right chemistry. And you know what? I understand that, because there are people with whom I have no chemistry," said trump.

Donald trump, answering questions of journalists, announced plans to hold a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to Washington Post.

"We will be meeting. I think we have the potential for very good relations. I don't know him as President (of China) XI Jinping, because I spent a lot of time with President XI, but I think we have the potential to have a very good relationship," said trump.

He believes that the friendly disposition of Russia towards the United States would be useful to the world. He said this at a press conference in Hanoi with President of Vietnam Tran Dai Quang a, passes RIA "news".

According to trump, the story about the alleged Russian interference in American elections are rigged by Democrats, reports the Washington Post. "I would rather, you know, to work with him (the President of Russia) in Ukraine, not stand here and argue about whether there is or not. Because it was a setup by the Democrats," said trump.

To the question whether he believes Vladimir Putin, trump said: "Every time we meet, he says: "I didn't do it". And I believe it. I really believe that if he tells me that he has this in mind".

He also commented on the sanctions that the US imposed against Russia. "Against Russia imposed very heavy sanctions. Against them, imposed sanctions on a very high level. It happened quite recently. It's time to heal the shaken and bruised world," said trump.

The US President added that if Russia will take a friendly position in relations with the United States, it will be a "purchase for the whole world" and the American side.

Donald trump also said that he hopes to become friends with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, despite the insults from his side. About this he wrote on Twitter.

"Why Kim Jong-UN wants to insult me by calling me "old", while I never called him "short and fat"? I'm trying so hard to become his friend — perhaps it will ever happen!" — wrote the American President.

In retweets to record trump users have suggested that his account was hacked. In this case the President of the United States in September, came up with the nickname "rocket man" Kim Jong-UN, as he also said in the review.