In the night of Wednesday Moscow time vote voters in five States: Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Rhode island. The largest number of delegates in this day played out in Pennsylvania: 210 delegates from 71 Democrats and from Republicans. Maryland represented by 118 delegates from the Democratic party and 38 from the Republicans. Connecticut distributes 70 votes and 28 delegates, respectively. In the States of Delaware and Rhode island Democrats are fighting for votes 31 and 33 respectively of delegates, Republicans 16, and 19, reminds TASS.

According to preliminary data from the polling stations, the billionaire Donald trump wins over rivals in the race — Ted Cruz and John Kasica — in Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania. In Rhode island, Delaware and he was in the lead by a considerable margin and later also guaranteed to itself the first place.

Clinton secured the win in the Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. In Connecticut, the struggle was most intense: after counting half of the ballots competitors separated less than one percent. Foxnews reports that in the end the scales tipped in favor of Clinton. The victory of Bernie Sanders in Rhode island helped him to avoid the defeat "dry" during this "super Tuesday".

Officially, the presidential candidates of parties nominated by the Congress of delegates, which will be held in the summer.

Favorites for both the result of every preliminary election is very important. Clinton's victory will significantly bring purely arithmetical chances for the nomination when her only rival Bernie Sanders, in principle, will not be able to enlist the support of more than half delegates.

The race leader for the Republicans Donald trump also plays a role in almost every vote. The fact that the vote according to the results of the primaries the delegates are required only in the first round. Political analysts are of the opinion that, if trump doesn't win on the first ballot at the Convention, he did not win the nomination, as many of his delegates will abandon him in subsequent rounds of voting, perhaps, handing the nomination to Ted Cruz. So Trump needs support more than half of the delegates.