"I want to thank him because we are trying to reduce personnel costs. As for me, I am very glad that he fired so many people because we now have fewer staff," said trump.

After the reduction of the US diplomatic mission in the us Embassy in Russia has allowed to increase term of granting of visas, but these two things are not linked. Meanwhile, according to trump, no reason why some diplomats are returned.

The reduction of the diplomatic mission of the United States became Russia's response to the extension of us sanctions which is called the most large-scale in 2014. As said Vladimir Putin, just Russia will have to leave the 755 employees of the US diplomatic mission.

In addition to the expulsion of diplomats, Russia was deprived of the Embassy of the United States the right to use a dacha in Serebryany Bor and warehouse on Road street in Moscow. About these measures trump, commenting on the decision of the Russian authorities, said nothing.