21 March 2017 – As evidenced by a recent poll by Julius Meinl, and more than 80 percent of people feel disappointment in the current world, while 4 of 5 respondents indicated that the disclosure of creative abilities would help them change their perspective on things in a better way. These studies formed the basis of international developments "Pay-by-Verse", the event helps to share the optimism from drinking a Cup of coffee with thousands of associates worldwide.

Offering coffee in order to spark inspiration in each of us, the Austrian brand is inviting everyone to visit in the world Poetry Day (March 21, 2017) participating establishments in Riga, Jurmala and Liepaja. Those who write verse, you can use it as currency to exchange for free coffee.

Despite the fact that survey respondents recognized that creativity helps to open optimistic Outlook on life, less than 1 in 10 respondents indicated that addicted to present poetry. Although 43 per cent mentioned that he wrote poems in childhood, more than half did not return to poetry since then.

In response, the Viennese coffee manufacturer poses a significant and challenging mission: to awaken the inner poets in different parts of the world and show the power of poetry in the struggle against pessimism and routine monotony of everyday life.

Sharing the passion Julius Meinl poetry, the ART Director of the Cafe (the official representative of Julius Meinl in the Baltic States) Daria Shakhova says: "surprisingly, we found a very lively response, both from café participants and visitors who came last year already with the prepared poems and some even recited their works to the astonishment of the waiters. After a long winter so I want to light a poetic mood – "Pay-by-verse" is just a good excuse to get together with friends and family to go out to a cafe, to laugh heartily and to welcome spring".

Speaking about the event, General Director of Julius Meinl, Marcel Löffler says: "the Legacy of the Viennese coffee house culture, namely the special creative atmosphere, which reigns there to this day, demonstrates how poetry can positively influence our emotions. Remember all the masterpieces, all the heated debates that took place for an inspiring Cup of coffee – perhaps You're on the verge of something exciting in Your life?"

This year's event is already in the 1400's cafe from 36 countries for the first time in Singapore and the Netherlands. Find out how You can participate at https://www.facebook.com/JuliusMeinlLatvia/l and www.meinl.lv, www.meinlcoffee.com/poetry/campaigns/pay-with-a-poem-2017/#location