"The ribbon does not match the status of a national symbol, which is used for ornamental purposes", — stated in the full text of the verdict prepared by April 28.

The court noted that, despite the lack of evidence, in this case the action Osipova "from a moral point of view were clearly unethical, nihilistic, and hurt the national feelings of a very wide range of people", informs LETA.

The process against Osipova was launched in November 2013 because of his statements in Facebook on 12 November: "Yesterday my daughter Daria brought home from school some red-white-red bullshit. It turned out that all the students of her school have distributed these "elaborated" in the Lacplesis Day and encouraged to wear until the end of the week. I have banned my child clothes pin on a strange ribbon colors rotten blood, as communicated to teachers...".

Words Osipova drew widespread condemnation on social networks, and a statement to the police said a member of the national Association of VL-TB/LNNK Artis Spartans. Osipov was charged with violation of the 93rd article of the Criminal law.