According to Mastere, PVA came to the conclusion that the violation was committed unknowingly. "The owners have violated the rules of keeping animals out of ignorance, they would not deliberately cause the dog suffering," — she explained the fine imposed, which is more educational in nature.

As previously reported, two weeks ago on the social network Facebook was actively spreading the message about the controversial method of grooming the domestic dog: the family took her to Rineiski the woods and then tied legs and mouth with duct tape. Without these tricks, explained the owners, the dog does not allow himself to be cut. The witness protested this treatment of animals and called the police. Arrived the municipal police stated that nothing criminal for the actions of the family.

Then the witness of state of emergency appealed to the State police. Checking and assessing all the facts the police the police "Ziemelu" decided to initiate administrative proceedings on the fact of possible cruel treatment of animals.