U.S. President Barack Obama promised in 2014 to strengthen the defense of NATO's Eastern European member countries of the Alliance that were scared of the "annexation" of Crimea by Russia and Pro-Russian forces participating in armed conflict in the East of Ukraine, said the Agency.

Two F-22 in support of aircraft-KC-135 flew from the UK to the Romanian air force base named after Mikhail Kogalniceanu on the Black sea coast. Earlier, the European U.S. command (EUCOM) announced that the U.S. air force as part of the exercises has placed the F-22 and pilots in the UK.

USA placed for the first time in Europe the F-22 last year in accordance with the initiative to strengthen the security of NATO allies over the Ukraine crisis. In August of 2015 at the German air base "Spangdahlem" arrived four F-22, and 60 soldiers from the 95th squadron of the U.S. air force.

In the USA have reported on the possible deployment of F-22 in Europe last summer. Stated about this at the 51st International aerospace salon in Le Bourget, the Minister of the U.S. air force Deborah Lee James also spoke about the threat allegedly posed by Russia.

Multipurpose fighter of the fifth generation F-22 Raptor was developed by Boeing and Lockheed Martin to replace the F-15 Eagle and put into service in the U.S. air force in 2005. He is the first and only standing on the armament of a fifth-generation fighter. During the construction of the aircraft used technology "stealth", making it invisible to radars.

For the first time aircraft was used in combat in 2014, during air operations against the terrorist group "Islamic state in Iraq and Syria. F-22 is considered the most expensive fighter in the world, its cost is estimated at $ 190 million.

West aims to strengthen the defense of the Eastern borders of Europe because of the concerns of some NATO members in connection with the "Russian aggression". Russia believes that the Alliance is intentionally provokes further aggravation of the conflict over the Ukrainian crisis. NATO permanently informed about the dangerous convergence of Russian military aircraft with aerial equipment Alliance.

So, the Ministry of defence of Lithuania has informed that fighters of the air forces of NATO, based on the Lithuanian air base Zokniai and the Estonian Amari airbase, from 18 to 24 April was thrice raised in the air to accompany the Russian military aircraft in the Baltic airspace.

Deputy NATO Secretary General Alexander Vershbow during his visit to Bulgaria said that the leadership of the Alliance in the near future is going to increase its military presence in the Black sea to deter Russia. According to him, negotiations with the countries — members of the Alliance — in particular, with Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.