According to the Agency, over several months, regular contacts take place between the special envoy of the US state Department on North Korea Joseph Yun and the North Korean senior diplomat in the mission of the country to the UN Pak Dream race. The sides AP call it the "new York channel", it is used primarily for the exchange of information between Washington and Pyongyang. It is reported that Joseph young is the only American diplomat with access to North Korean colleagues.

The exchange of messages between the Young and the race has not helped to weaken escalated in recent weeks between the United States and North Korea tensions, the sources told the news Agency.

The exchange of threats

8 Aug Donald trump has warned Pyongyang that the U.S. will respond "fire and fury, which the world had never seen before" in the case of new threats from North Korea. Through a few hours after that, the command of the armed forces of the DPRK issued a statement on the preparation of the plan missile attack on a military airbase of the United States on the island of GUAM.

Pyongyang also threatened a nuclear strike on the mainland United States if Washington tries to start a "preventive war". However, the American leader later said that his statement wasn't tough enough and advised the DPRK "very careful" to even think about the attack on the United States. . And August 11 trump said about Washington's readiness to act with military means in the conflict with North Korea.