The CIA led a stream for 8 hours. In the last message refers to the transmission of the identification of a terrorist to President Barack Obama.

The details provided in the broadcast, missed a dozen tweets. RAID Navy seals adopted Admiral William Mcraven, who was the head of special operations. He acted in coordination with the Director of the CIA Leon Punnett.

The commandos went to Abbotabad in two helicopters. Before the landing of one of the Black Hawk touched the wall of a house and overturned. Twitter The CIA stated that none of their soldiers was injured, so that the operation continues without delay. President Barack Obama was monitoring the situation in the operational control centre. Next to him was Hillary Clinton, who headed the state Department.

The commandos seized a large quantity of digital information. After 2 hours 14 minutes after the order was given to launch the operation Osama bin Laden was killed, after 14 minutes, information about the death of the leader of "al-Qaeda" had confirmed and reported to the President. After that, the team blew up the damaged helicopter and returned to Afghanistan.

In their Twitter stream says nothing about women, children and the guards who were in the house together with bin Laden, was also not given any details about the movement of the body of "terrorist number one". At the same time in one of the tweets is the opinion of CIA Director John Brennan about the great symbolic and strategic importance, which had bin Laden and which had identified the importance of its elimination.

According to the BBC, Twitter-report, the CIA has caused not only positive feedback but also criticism. Some users of the microblogging service felt like posting "grotesque and shameful", noting that as a result belittled the serious work done by all parties.

The leader of al-Qaida eliminated may 2, 2011 in a mansion in Abbottabad — a town located about 2 hours drive from Islamabad. A few dozen meters from the residence of bin Laden is the Pakistan military Academy. The house was surrounded by walls with a height of 4-6 m with mounted surveillance cameras, and barbed wire. The American military claim that the seals had orders to take bin Laden alive, but the priority remained the safety of team members.

Bin Laden and his associates resisted. "Terrorist number one" was shot in the head. They also destroyed one of his sons, two couriers and a woman. The name of the murdered son of a terrorist is not reported, but the Americans claim that he is an adult, not a child.

After the operation the body of the leader of "al Qaeda" were sent to the us base in Bagram, Afghanistan, where for 18 hours was carried out to identify, using DNA analysis. After that, bin Laden's body was dumped at sea, place of burial not reported.

Osama bin Laden was considered the main enemy of the United States after the attacks on new York and Washington of 11 September 2001.

"Navy seal shot himself in the head personally to the perpetrator of the September 11 attacks, later complained to the media that were left without pensions and medical care. Another soldier wrote a book about the circumstances of the operation.