According to Aboltina, April 10 refused to apply for the post of Chairman of the party, the responsibility and the degree of freedom in the media space of the country is now higher than in politics. "I was always sure that everyone - from the child in kindergarten until the President has duties to his country in what he does. The duty of the child at the former how to get good sleep after dinner and grow big. The duties of the President the Constitution sets. It's the same with responsibility in the media. If you only show black and white picture, then..." - said Aboltina.

According to the politician, she is the type of people who speak very directly and openly. "For me, that sometimes you have to lie - an unpleasant discovery. It is shocking to me. I'm inherently a bad politician because I don't speak any audience that wants to hear. All you want to hear it? And what the consequences are, from what you're telling the truth?" - said Aboltina.

The politician also admitted that, in her opinion, she had to take the post of Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma. Commenting on the nomination for the post of Prime Minister Maris Kuchinskis, āboltiņa noted that the motivation of the President Raimonds Vejonis, the support of the majority of votes correspond to reality "As we know, the votes of the "Unity" went to the other candidate [not Aboltina]. In such a situation we are working in the government as a team. Justify whether this government is society's expectations about how it should work and how the government need to solve specific problems - it's show time".