"Masha the question is more complex. It is complicated by the fact that there's concentration exceeds the norm. Masha took the drug a few years on prescription. Will be able to avoid punishment or not — I don't want to announce. We just wish it was restored in the sport", — said Mutko.

7 Mar Maria Sharapova admitted the use of Meldonium, after which it temporarily suspended from participation in tournaments. Russian woman just will not play at Roland Garros, her participation in Wimbledon and at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro is a big question.

14 APR World anti-doping Agency (WADA) stated that less than one microgram of Meldonium in the doping trial of the athlete, rented till March 1, 2016, is a valid indicator.

By mid-April, WADA had recorded more than 150 positive tests for this drug among athletes from a dozen countries. It is known to those caught in Melidoni 29 the Russians, most of which have already been pardoned.

The WADA investigation is ongoing for those athletes who admitted to use of Meldonium after January 1, or the concentration of a substance in their blood exceeds 15 micrograms. On 21 April, the Secretary-General WADА Olivier Niggli opposed the diversion consumed Meldonium Sharapova.

Earlier, the President of the International tennis Federation (ITF) David Haggerty reported that the examination of the case the Russians will take two to three months, and a verdict is expected in June.

Substance Meldonium (a preparation "Mildronat") was widely used on postsovetkom space to protect the cardiac muscles from high loads. The detection of this substance in a doping sample athletes from 1 January 2016 qualified as an anti-doping rule violation and should have been punished by disqualification. For the use of Meldonium, the athlete may be suspended from performances for four years.