The initiator of collecting signatures was Bruno Ozolins, and they assembled in over six years.

In his initiative he writes that, as a citizen of Latvia, he trusts people and doesn't want to know the name of the candidate in presidents of the country two days before the election. Candidate should be called at least a month and discuss.

Note that April this year, a special parliamentary working group prepared for transmission to the diet a bill to revise the powers of the President and the order of its election. According to the proposal of deputies, to decide who will be the head of state, or should the people, or the electoral Commission, consisting of members of the Seimas and one hundred heads of municipalities.

Parliamentarian Ringold Balodis pointed out that such a practice is in other countries. MP Imants Paradnieks expressed readiness to increase the number of votes required for election. "51 votes, as of now, it is too little... Two-thirds would have to specify as an absolute minimum," said he.

The bill also provides for the extension of the powers of the President. For example, it is proposed to give it the right to nominate officials to dissolve the Saeima without losing presidential office.

A survey conducted in 2015 by the Agency SKDS survey, the majority of Latvians believe that the presidential elections in the country should be popular, not parliamentary. 43% of respondents stated that fully support the idea of a head of state by the people. Another 27% said they are inclined to the idea. Thus, 70% of the population voted for change in the current order, when the President is elected by the Saeima.

A year earlier the same survey SKDS showed that 83% of residents want the introduction of the popular vote, reports LETA.