Bureau specialists have begun work at the scene yesterday, will investigate, however, according to Hawaiki, there is nothing to investigate because the captain did not know what he was doing, and flagrantly violate the rules.

According to Hawaiki, the captain on the catamaran with a 14-meter mast was held, where permitted height is 8 m and posted warning signs. The Bureau will report this situation to the Ministry of transport.

The representative of the company Augstsprieguma tikls Andris Sprogis told that the height of high voltage lines at this location is 12 m. caught by a catamaran line fell and immediately passed out, and then the company contacted the State firefighting and rescue service. On a scene there has arrived a repair brigade.

The accident resulted in Bolderaja for a few hours were left without electricity.

As reported, yesterday the catamaran on Hopaka gravis mast touched a high voltage line and caught fire. Calling on the scene came at 16.35. The boats were rescued 12 people, all of them transferred to the care of physicians.