"Match-TV intends to make use of all the best commentators, including Alexander Tkachev, Roman Skvortsov, Sergey Gimaev and Alexander Khavanov. In addition, it will attract a number of experts, including the Latvian specialist Peteris Skudra, head of the club continental hockey League "torpedo" (Nizhny Novgorod).

The debut for the NBA would be to work on the group stage match Russia — Latvia, which will be held may 9th.

The trainer does not consider future commentary debut experience as previously worked in TV in Riga, however, the role of the expert in the breaks of the matches Riga "Dinamo".

"I previously commented on hockey. When he finished his playing career, he worked on the channel Viasat expert, analyzed the matches. So nothing new for me. Of course, the game may 9 is very important for Russia. Every team in this tournament solves the problem. I hope that this match will be bright hockey that it will be interesting to disassemble. I don't think I'll be rooting for any team...

We have the hockey jargon. It's not always swearing. Something shorten, simplify. In the team I have in front of guys to chew all of the details so the process has begun. On television my goal is to analyze the episode more understandable for the fans. And not only understandable but also interesting. The world championship will try the key moments to explain in simple language", — quotes the official site of the NBA Match TV".