The message explained that Rosenthal had issued a "Directive" because the hospital is too few patients. If the doctor failed to persuade the patient to stay in hospital, the patient had to write a written refusal from the patient. Photo with a story about this situation on behalf of the Eckstein last week was in a public space. Rosenthal later claimed that she did not give the order and called the incident a misunderstanding. Eckstein also tried to explain it was a misunderstood joke.

LCI is part of Riga East clinical University hospital. Therefore, the statement about the dismissal of Ecstasy came to the acting Chairman of the Board of the hospital of the Egit Field. She explained that did not sign the resignation letter, written "on the emotions", because Eckstein is a good Infectology and a very experienced doctor, and for her to find work outside of the LCI, when she returns from vacation.

Itself Eckstein did not comment on the situation.