In the surrounding men you only notice the problems. Beer belly, receding back hair line, or worn shoes — if you are looking only on the exterior, not on the character and values of a person, you are definitely not ready for a relationship. Of course, appearance matters, but to focus only on it — a huge mistake, the consequences of which will suffer in the first place, you are.

The eternal game of "former". Hours later calls and correspondence in social networks with ex-Boyfriends definitely prevent you from moving on. For starters, get familiar with their past and decide on goals for the future. If you really want to change something in your life, but you can't, you can help tips on how how to forget the ex and start Dating other men.

The presence of a "friendship bonus". If you have a friend that sometimes you can not only see the film (and to continue his "viewing" in the bedroom), and have each other there are no serious feelings, this suggests that an intimate relationship for you is not something special. Maybe you do enough men "for health"?

To get orgasm you enough reading the book at night. If you can't wait to open the next books and will go down with her on the soft feather bed to spend a few hours for passionate reading - this is not about your asexuality or approaching menopause. Just while you really well without a relationship.

You feel incomplete without a partner. Stop! For a start you need to become happy independently, and only after that, you should look for someone with whom you are this happiness will share. Kaspars Bindemanis once said, "People don't know how to be happy alone. They're trying to find someone who'll make me happy. But this is a gross error. First, you need to deal with yourself, to bring order to the head. Because otherwise you will "load" their problems of another person."

You genuinely enjoy being alone. If constant adventure and crazy parties are still a big part of your life, perhaps you just need a little more time to want to settle down. You should not rush.