Sadurskis added that "will open a small secret": first, checking the examination papers of pupils of schools of national minorities, "we stick very tolerant", if there are defects not in the material but in the form of statements, grammatical errors.

The Minister stressed that this is not the fault of the children, but the fault of the school, which children are not properly prepared.

The conditions of transition of the education system on the Latvian language the coalition intends to finally determine until February 2018, so the party couldn't use this debate as a tool for their election campaigns. Such a promise in the air of transfer "Morning panorama" on Latvian TV was made by Prime Minister Maris Kuchinskis (sacs).

According to LETA, Kuchinskis noted that the members of the coalition "there is no doubt that education in Latvia should be obtained in the state language", because competition in the labor market can only sustain people with a good knowledge of the language.

During the month the Minister of education and science Karlis Sadurskis should prepare an informational message and potential amendments to the laws that will be discussed. Kuchinskis recalled that in the Declaration of the government envisages to prepare a principles of a gradual transfer of education to the state language.

At the meeting of the coalition, its concept presented Sadurskis, who last week said that from 2020/2021 academic year, all academic subjects in secondary schools planned to teach only in Latvian, but in schools of ethnic minorities will be retained the ability to learn the native language, literature and subjects related to culture and history.