Why on an anonymous basis? Because I have finally lost hope in the wisdom of the President of Latvia and the fact that common sense, legality and reliance on European values in this situation will prevail, and thoughtless amendments will not take effect. So while all of my arguments lie in the plane of assumptions - what if the worst happens. I admit, over the years of living in Latvia, I fell in love with this land and its inhabitants (whom I met my ways) with all my heart. I would like to see in the case of justice, my dramatic performance was the reason for rupture of relations with this beautiful country.

I know that now in the Russian Federation many of my "former" compatriots triumphantly say, it was right — there was nothing to leave! And certainly add expletive, and even an entire three-story expression. You know what category of citizens of the Russian Federation will be glad to hear.

As I assess the situation, speaking on tops? New amendments - this brand of populist decision, merrymaking politicians, allegedly prepared for a whole 10 million euros to Fund the country's budget. I don't really believe in the Seimas sitting of the country fools — parliamentarians must realise that this decision has little to do with the desire to contribute to the development of the economy. This is pure politics. As for the economy — only harm, and complex character. Ready to argue.

Come in large numbers: supporters of European values and investors

Let's start with the fact that, if very roughly divided, there are two main categories of "validating".

1-category. Those who sold almost last and went to normal, adequate, as they thought, the country.

These people decided that 50-80 thousand (under the law until 2014) they will be able to let modest, but the prospects for children, to settle in a new place, to start a new life in the country with EUROPEAN VALUES. And what do they do now? They are not getting fat, making efforts to adapt, and they want to strip the last, even and not overgrown meat. How loyal are the residents of the Republic of Latvia will thus get?

2-category. Those who have had more or less serious money, and they moved to Latvia sometimes. As a rule, not in apartments, and in houses, sometimes even in a good home.

Buying from Latvians real estate, they solved the problems hanging debts, building new homes, and helped to get out of the pit to construction business and related industries. These people also thought about the future in Latvia both for themselves and for their children. Since in this category a lot of people out of business, they, as intended, could provide for the economic support, in every sense a new and healthy Foundation, they wanted the Republic of Latvia.

It was not just about one-time investment in dying at that time the real estate market. They talked about bonuses for the country in the form of high level of consumption, because arriving to a new place bought the car, lawn mower, furniture and so-forth. In the future, the country could count on a skilled workforce, additional investment in the economy in the form of new, emerging businesses with all the attendant positive for the economy.

Loyalty: the majority of residence permit holders are more loyal than local

Incidentally, the vast majority of my friends, after some deliberation, gave their children mostly in schools and kindergartens, in which education was in Latvian! The majority of Russian-speaking immigrants, unlike many of the local, understood that to live in Latvia for children it is necessary to know the language level of the second native. And those same kids now, in three to five years are fluent in the Latvian language, a good student and fully integrated in Latvia.

I would venture to say that the vast majority of cases, these temporary residents of Latvia in General is an order of magnitude (!) more loyal to the country than many of the local Russian-speaking. Perhaps this is my subjective opinion, for which there is a whole layer of disputes, arguments and slanging match, with accusations of ethnic minorities and the titular nation. We located, it is not always clear, not like the mere presence of such disorder in society.

But our conversation now is not about that. Although this topic would be interesting because the most "wise" decision-makers politicians. Do not squeeze us they want from the country? If only we are not talking about those for whom any accent or skin color matters. I hope such politicians in the Seimas of the Republic of Latvia not?

Right: to sit on a camel for money to get more

For me the big question is it really right to have introduced such a rule for those who have invested in the country long? For example, the new rules from 2014, when the increased amount of investments, still did not force investors to pay. And it is logical. So why now are literally "forced" the rule of 5000 Euro, which apply not only for future investors but also for those who are already "in the boat" a few years?

Once this decision looks like "GOP-stop" in the alley, when you putting the pen to the throat, with a grin, looking around furtively, they say: "trick or treat?"

You know, when five years ago, before buying a property, I asked one prominent Latvian lawyer, what will happen in five years, I was told that I would be able to extend a residence permit or to qualify for a permanent kind, if you show yourself a law-abiding citizen. I asked cautiously about, can't "invent" the rules for obtaining a residence permit, which will be impossible for us and will put us in an impossible situation? The lawyer replied in the vein of, "no, absolutely not, it's unethical, illogical, we are a civilized state, this can not be". Turns out, maybe? Legislators quietly silenced this backbone?

If such amendments will enter into force, Latvia will become similar to the famous Egyptian attraction is to sit on a camel for free, but the peel — only $ 200. We on this camel climbed for blong money. In this sense Latvia has come up with an attraction that takes your breath away. Try that, then give up, and where to go now? For children home is here, things are already here, friends was formed — the whole life in Latvia... the decision looks like "GOP-stop" in the alley, when you putting the pen to the throat, with a grin, looking around furtively, they say: "trick or treat"?

Prospects: either continue to invest in Latvia?

Now moved to Latvia just want to blatantly Rob. It looks dishonest and stupid. And do not think that only Latvia has been evaluated by newcomers — this process went on both sides!

Soon my family will arise the right to qualify for a permanent residence permit (permanent residence). Yet we live in Latvia under the scheme of temporary residence permit. And already during this period I additionally invested money in Latvia and faithfully paying all taxes.

Of course, we are not talking about tens-hundreds of millions of euros (people with this much money went mostly to London). But like me, which was the main hope with the introduction of investment residence permits, were many. What now? Nothing. Literally forcibly pulled out of his pocket money (five thousand each renewal of the residence permit), allegedly aggregating $ 10 million, would be only a small percentage of the money that could be invested in the country, and now, perhaps, will not -- At least, many of my friends about whether to pay or not to pay 5000 Euro and whether to continue cooperation with Latvia still will think twice. Why? Because it turns out that there is no difference — to take risks in Latvia or risk in the Russian Federation. But in Russia, at least I know the rules of the game and can count on a great momentum. And here I just want to blatantly cheat. So even if in this case all will remain in Russia. For many this will be a matter of principle.

Gentlemen, do you think that the proposal of separating future investment across multiple properties (another innovation of the immigration Act — approx. Ed.), seem to potential immigrants is very attractive on the background of the decision about 5000 euros? I think that the first thing they'll think to their five-year stay in the country, this amount will seem to "baby talk." After all the appetites of deputies of the Sejm can still grow. And no one is responsible for anything. This collective intelligence when no one's exactly innocent...

I know that now in the Russian Federation many of my "former" compatriots triumphantly say, it was right — there was nothing to leave! And will certainly add at the end of the phrase expletive, and even an entire three-story expression (you know what category of citizens of the Russian Federation will be glad to hear). And that, it's also beneficial for Latvia? You have thought about this in the diet?

I really hope that the President will show statesmanship when making a final decision. This is frankly a shoddy economic and political results they wanted to achieve so caring of the Republic of Latvia parliamentarians? I don't think. Or they proceeded on the basis that after the lifting of barriers (money) in 2014, already nobody goes, then, blatantly have to Rob those who are already "on the spot" who have you brought your children, teach language, or even passed the exam?

Then, sorry, I see no difference, about which so dreamed of my whole family when moving to the Republic of Latvia.

Happy owner of a residence permit semen Archers (the surname is changed).