Delicious and usually healthy fruits. But not in combination with alcohol. Citrus fruits contain acid, which together with alcohol can cause problems with the digestive tract. In this case, it is more prudent to eat bananas, in abundance containing potassium. This element will help to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol.

Chocolate and coffee

Семь продуктов, которые точно не стоит сочетать с алкоголем
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Cocoa and coffee in combination with alcohol will only serve to exacerbate existing stomach problems. In addition, this "kit" if you threaten a more severe prolonged hangover.


Not the best snack choice. This treat should not be consumed with alcohol because salty food will cause you another attack of thirst, and if there is no glass of water, it is likely that you drink more alcohol than originally planned. The same advice applies to nuts and crisps.

French fries

Семь продуктов, которые точно не стоит сочетать с алкоголем
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As stated in ancient wisdom — "Repetition is the mother of learning". What is "French fries"? Potatoes in this dish are not so much, but in excess oil and of course salt. In addition to the terrible calorie and obvious unprofitable this snack, again history repeats itself with the pretzels, you want to drink, drink and drink again. And further — a dense fog, followed by such a heavy morning, as if you spent a week in the desert without a single drop of water.

Alkogolesoderzhaschie desserts

At the end of the holidays when everything is already "warmed up", the owner, according to tradition, suddenly States that still had dessert — a month in the alcohol of particular pudding. Familiar situation, isn't it? And, although the offer sounds tempting, the use of such a dessert with a glass of wine or champagne can cause a particular effect (or defect). First, you don't know how much alcohol contains a delicious dessert. And secondly, it is impossible to predict, what consequences will cause mixing different types of alcohol after eating dessert. It happens that such actions significantly increase the feeling of intoxication,so it is recommended to replace alkogolesoderzhaschie desserts sweets milk content, for example ice cream or a milkshake. Because dairy products reduce the harmful effects of alcohol on the body.


Eating sweets will cause you to have an equally strong thirst, like salty snacks. Moreover, contrary to the stereotypes — sweets reduce appetite, but only increase the feeling of hunger. If they themselves enough calories!

Spicy food

Eļļā vārīti maltās gaļas pīrāgi ar čili piparu
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Spicy in conjunction with alcoholic drinks, your stomach will have a real "Brazilian carnival with fireworks". If you want to avoid the subsequent long-term friendship with closet and tablets from gastritis, remember the phrase "alcohol and acute = disastrous outcome."