This match was for hayi brumermane the hundredth part of the national team, but a victory to celebrate this event did not happen. Primarily because of the play of the opponents, won two victories over chernogorye and Russians. The national team of Latvia in the asset was only one win (on Montenegro) and in the case of another it might come out on top in the group. Now I will have to wait until the end of the match Russia — Montenegro, only after it becomes clear which place in the group will take teams of Martinsa Siberts and packing her suitcases to go home or to prepare for the 1/8 finals.

The first quarter in the Latvian basketball players failed. Only once they managed to come out ahead, and so had to recognize the superiority of rivals— 10:16.

In the second 10-minute period lasted for an equal fight, the Latvian pair managed to take the lead several times and the score was equal, but the big break, the Belgian still left with the minimum overweight— 33:35.

The third quarter remained in favour of Stalberga many thanks to the excellent game under the shield Aneta Steinberg. This allowed the team to make the leap and before the final 10-minute Latvia led "7".

In the beginning of the last segment of the game Kitia Laksa increased the lead to 53:44, and then followed the failure: the opponent scored eight straight points and reduced the gap to the minimum. Thanks to the active defense and their leaders Emma Massaman and Anne Wauters Belgium for fifteen minutes before the final siren went in front again— 56:58.

Steiberg in response to the attack leveled the score, but then Wauters once again flashed the exact two-point hit — 58:60. Taken by Shtalbergs the break, nothing changed, the players were afraid to take the initiative, it ended with another loss and another scoring toss Wouters -58:62.

The most productive player in the Latvian team today was Steinberg, who scored 14 points and had 20 rebounds (command 35). Belgians have dominated the aforementioned Wouters (17) and Massaman (16).

Thus, Belgium is in first place in the group and go directly to the quarterfinals. Latvia while there is a second, but now her fate is in the hands of team Russia. If it wins the team of Shtalbergs passes in the playoffs with a third place if win Montenegrin, then, as they say, variants are possible. Until the early sending of the Latvian national team home.

CHE-2017. Women. Group D

Latvia — Belgium 58:62 (10:16, 23:19, 18:9, 7:18)

Latvia: Steinberg 14 20 rebounds, 13 of Laksa, Babkina 10, head 10, Kristina 5, putniņa 2, 2 Vitola, Krēsliņa 2, Jacobson, Brumermane.

Belgium: Wouters 17, Meersseman 16 9 rebounds, Karpro 11...

19 Jun. Prague. "Kralovka Arena".

1 Belgium 3-0 7
2 Latvia 1-2 5
3 Russia 1-1 11
4 Montenegro 0-2 -23