According to Savchenko, Europe is afraid of the "European war" and doesn't want to take drastic measures against Russia.

"Europe said: "We can not call Russia aggressor, you name it". Well we called. In order to remove the veto of Russia in the UN wants the world called Russia an aggressor. Will it? No," — said the MP. She added that the EU is not willing to risk European countries for the sake of Ukraine.

As reported, on October 6, the Verkhovna Rada adopted initiated by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko law on the reintegration of Donbass. The normative act establishes the status of Russia as the aggressor country, introduces the concept of "Russian occupation authorities". It also allows to send troops to use armed forces at any time and indefinitely, gives the President the authority to declare martial law.

But in an interview "Crimea.Realities" Hope Savchenko said that Kiev should not exclude a power variant of the return of the Peninsula under its control.

"I believe that the issue of Crimea will be solved only by force, when Ukraine will gain strength to do with Russia as Russia has done with Ukraine," — said Savchenko broadcast "the Daily show" on "Radio Crimea". She believes that Crimea needs to provide the "same status" as the Donbas. According to her, should be associated with the Crimea and Donbass "in one piece" to the Western partners of Ukraine "did not think that this issue can be solved easily".

"I once said that the Donbass can be returned by the refusal of the Crimea. I was misunderstood, but I meant that this is the way, which is considered by most politicians in the world. No one else offers this openly, because this would automatically condemn. But it is given to understand. We need to get to treat Crimea like to Donbass", — quotes the words Savchenko edition "Crimea. Realities".

According to her, "for me, Crimea was the area, because I loved travelling around Ukraine, mostly by hitchhiking. Went to the Crimea to see what sort of flowers, what people, what architecture, and culture. I didn't like just to lie on the beach, so I traveled its length and breadth. I was there and still has a lot of friends, no matter what.

But I will go to the Crimea only when we will be able to take back their territory. In the Donbass I go, because in these areas we are still fighting. To go to the Crimea — the territory occupied by Russia — I can't".

"The fight is for what. But, first, there is no open war. So there need to go from a position of wisdom and cunning, but not from a position of negotiation. Second, if "terrorists", mostly Ukrainians in the Crimea, all the power — the Russians. To talk with the Russians in the Crimea does not make sense, they need to say in Moscow", — believes Savchenko.