"I think that May 9 is generally the most important such brace that unites all people regardless of nationality, type of activity. In our country it is probably the holiday that came at a huge large price", — said Rogozin.

He added that this year will traditionally join the March of "Immortal regiment". "So along with those official events that will be held a Victory Parade, performances by the country's leadership is, of course, "the Immortal regiment. I traditionally always go," — said Rogozin.

Meanwhile, the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) prepared a dictionary containing the basic concepts in the field of national politics, writing "News". In particular, the Russian nation called "civil is political community, consolidated on the basis of the historical Russian state, whose members have equal rights regardless of ethnic, racial and religious origins, shared historical and cultural values, a sense of belonging to one people, civil responsibility and solidarity".

In the dictionary it is noted that Russia is a "national state with a diverse ethnic and religious composition of the population and which are more regional specificity". Dictionary developed for the preparation of the law on the Russian nation. The necessity of this document in October 2016, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.