As previously reported, on the morning of 2 December, on duty received information ZAO Wordline Lietuva that ATMs in the capital, may carry out illegal operations. In the left reinforced police. Street Universities around the cash machine was spotted by a man who took the money and quick step tried to leave. He was arrested.

The purse from the citizen of Russia were many suspicious credit cards and a significant amount in euros. The suspect was taken to the police station. Under investigation for fraud and embezzlement of large sums.

The suspect — 31-year-old Russian, arrived in Vilnius from Riga and intended to fly to Warsaw. For conspiracy he had booked rooms in several hotels. In the hotel room at etc constituties during a search found about 50 counterfeit credit cards and almost 27 000 euros.

Lithuanian police have contacted the Latvian colleagues and received information that in Riga also illegally was charged in a number of ATMs. On 3 December the court allowed to take the suspect into custody for 3 months.