According to Rozenvalds, the move would help improve relations with the Latvian large communities of national minorities. "It's not very "Consent", and a gesture that takes into account the opinion of a third of all eligible voting residents," — said the analyst. He believes that in the current Latvia's ethnic fragmentation has a negative impact on the economic development of the country.

Rozenvalds also noted that recently, the "Consent" makes symbolic steps with the expectation of a possible hit in the next government. So, now the party is trying to distance itself from the issue with the transfer of all state schools to the Latvian language of training — now it is even advantageous that there are more "radical advocates" like MEPs Andrey Mamykina and Tatyana Zhdanok.

In addition, the termination Agreement "" agreement with "United Russia" can also be a significant reason for voters to change their attitude, as in Latvian environment this issue was given a "highly symbolic value".