The investigation, launched on 17 March 2014, led by the security Police. In relation koptelova was initiated criminal proceedings under paragraph 1 of article 82 of the Criminal law of Latvia (Public call for undermining the territorial integrity of the Republic of Latvia). In February of last year, PB had a suspect in custody, was raided and seized computer and other electronics. It was reported that Maxim Koptelov was found despite the fact that "used the Internet outside the territory of Latvia".

According to the case materials, Maxim Koptelov posted on the Internet a message (petition): "an Appeal to all inhabitants of Latvia! The collection of signatures for the accession of Latvia to the Russian Federation".

"If Latvia will again enter into the Russian Federation, all inhabitants of the Republic of Latvia opens vast prospects for development, much higher than the current finding in the EU. The level of salaries, pensions and benefits will also be an order of magnitude more favorable for living. If our opinion is different from yours, really sorry, everyone has the right to Express their thoughts (freedom of speech)", — reads the text of the petition (spelling and punctuation authors saved).

The defendant urged Internet users on a particular website to subscribe for its initiative, but the PostScript says: "Well, if in fact, this document does not bear any significance and is a joke. But if anybody poorly developed sense of humor, very sorry for this man".