In the television show "Lithuania live" Valukas said that black basketball players are more prone to loose way of life. And when their is more than two in a team, they knocked together a band.

"More than two black people, black players in the team cannot be. It so happened that coach Tomas Pacesas loves to play with black players, to train them, to teach, to educate. And it all came together so that in our team there were four black players. And they made this, as I say, the gang. It is impossible to avoid. The maximum a team may be two black players. Over my 20 years of practice can make such a conclusion. More of them simply can not be, and other teams on the future of advice — never operate more than two black players," he said Vainauskas, but later from the video portal TV, this episode was cut.

Even before the match for the bronze medal of "Lietuvos rytas" was sent to four black basketball players, which the leadership of the Lithuanian club was accused of irresponsible behavior and violation of the internal rules of the team, is to visit Nightclubs.

Statement by Him quickly reached the European media and caused great public outcry. The management of "Lietuvos rytas" was immediately accused of racism, and the Euroleague responded to the words of the President of the Lithuanian club the following official statement: "the views Expressed by Mr. Him — offensive, injurious and contrary to existing principles and respect for".

Moreover, on 5 July there will be a meeting of the disciplinary Commission of the Euroleague on Him. He has quickly apologized for wrongly chosen words:"When I talked about the lessons that gave us the season, I estimated foreign players this season. The principled position of "Lietuvos rytas" basketball player first and foremost needs to be a professional. Sorry, played this season, the Legionnaires did not meet expectations of the club, because before the decisive match, behaved irresponsibly, and it has had a negative impact on the team's results. I was only talking about the result, which showed the Legionnaires. I apologize for the wrong words".