"The whole security situation in Europe, we can say that unpredictable and volatile. There is Russia, which has already shown that it is prepared to use force. I'm talking about the occupation of the Crimean Peninsula.

In addition, we know that Russia does not fulfill its international obligations that it had undertaken. Let's take, for example, the Budapest Memorandum and Minsk agreement. Minsk agreements are constantly violated, and, therefore, sanctions against Russia should remain in force," — said in an interview Keloland Jeanne Nemcova.

According to Kaljulaid, Russia does not pose a physical threat to Estonia, as Russia, in her words, "I would not attack a country that is a member of NATO." At the same time, Keloland defended base in Estonia, NATO battalion and exercises "Spring storm", which involved 9 thousand military personnel from partner countries.

"Our signal is a defensive position. Just as NATO is a defensive organization. Estonian army is called defence forces of Estonia. On this side of the border, no one for whom does not pose a threat.

NATO reliable if provides the deterrence of any enemy who may encounter. Alliance in 100 percent of cases successfully provides adequate deterrence, and that is why I think no one will attack NATO. But this in itself explains why it is necessary to provide an adequate level of deterrence to protect the territory of all countries-members of the Alliance," explained Kerstin Kaljulaid.