Kuchinskis has told me that a month ago, knew about the intention of the UserAgent to leave the post of Minister of economy, and on Wednesday discussed with him this question specifically and tried to talk.

""Unity" made a decision, but a written statement from the UserAgent I have not yet received. I don't sign it until I'm sure how the situation will develop, for example, with the adoption of the state budget. The determining factor will be the candidate for the position of Minister of economy", — said the Prime Minister.

It is important to know the potential candidates for this post, because the field of view of the Minister of economy is now in a number of important and complex issues — negotiations with Telia for a merger of the LLC Latvijas Mobilais telefons and Lattelecom, the situation with Liepājas metalurgs, the natural gas market, the implementation of the action plan of the government. "I have to make sure that all this will continue," — said the Prime Minister.

Thursday Kuchinskis has agreed with the President of the Latvian Confederation of employers (lcrd) Vitaly Gavrilov on participation of the organization in the discussion of candidates for the Ministers of the economy. Lcrd will not participate in the approval of the Minister, but her opinion and support is important, as the economic section of the government action plan was developed in conjunction with employers, said the Prime Minister.

As reported, on 11 October the Minister of economy, Deputy Prime Minister Arvil UserAgent decided to resign as Minister and to accept the mandate of the Deputy of Parliament, to lead the faction "Unity".