The publication said that nuclear weapons described species and five of the main consequences of its application: light radiation, shock wave, early nuclear radiation, nuclear electromagnetic pulse, and radioactive contamination.

The authors of the article suggest to meet a shock wave lying down, preferably hiding behind large objects in the landscape. If there is a body of water, you should sink into it.

Those nuclear explosion caught on the street, it is recommended to quickly find the protective structure and be concerned about protecting his own body, mainly the head from flying debris. After the shock wave passes, it is necessary to protect the premises if the person is inside it, from the radioactive dust and endeavour to ensure that the ashes do not fall on the skin.

"You can also enter the building which was not destroyed after the attack of the shock wave, and close doors and Windows to prevent the ingress of radioactive dust into the house," advises "Jilin Daily".

In the zones of radioactive contamination are required to wear a protective mask, Cape, rubber boots, and gloves. Do not touch contaminated objects, sit or lie down and the more to eat, smoke or drink, says the article. The steps of the movement must be light to keep up the dust.

Those who were evacuated to a safe area, remove radioactive particles from the body and clothing. The clothes need to be washed, ears cleaned and the body is to wipe a certain way: "Wiping should be from the top down, in one direction. Wipe once, fold the towel once to prevent re-contamination of the cleaned area".

When consuming radiation contaminated food can cause vomiting, so victims are advised to drink plenty of water to flush the stomach. It is advisable to use diuretics, adsorbents, laxatives to speed up the release of radioactive substances.