"Consider the procession on 16 March in Riga as an insult to the memory of millions of innocent victims of people of different nationalities and ignoring of the international obligations of Latvia.

In accordance with the decision of the Nuremberg Tribunal, all divisions Waffen SS, including the "Latvian SS volunteer Legion" (15th and 19th Grenadier division of the SS) recognized as criminal organizations.

As for calling in the ranks of the SS divisions "forced", forcefully drafted into a criminal organization one will not be after more than 70 years to be proud of what was in it. But if the person is proud and not shy to talk about it, that means the choice of joining a criminal organization was aware.

Therefore, public, demonstrative procession through the centre of a European capital with the participation of the youth and politicians is an attempt to glorify those who swore an oath to Adolf Hitler", according to the comments of the Russian Embassy in Latvia for the portal "Sputnik Latvia".