According to the imposed sentence, TVNET must pay the plaintiffs compensation in the amount of 129 873 euros. About this Facebook said one of the authors of the claim, the composer and the Director of the LNO Sigmar the liepiņš.

Representatives TVNET has already managed to declare that those who disagree with the decision of the court, will try to defend their right to freedom of expression and appeal.

In July 2014 at the National Opera hosted a party in honor of the birthday of one of the organizers of "New wave", Russian composer Igor Krutoy. For the needs of the event was leased great hall of the Opera and the surrounding area. For rent Steep I paid 9 873 euros. Besides the rent Steep transferred Opera largest donation in the amount of 120 000 euros. As has noted then the Sigmar the liepiņš, his memory is so large donations from individuals Opera never received.

Member of the Board of Opera Daina Markova said that the LNO no arguments against parties Steep. "Now the summer season, rooms still free. Are you so sure that these people are not loyal LNO? We have no such facts. And who is to decide who is loyal and who is not?.. Here is this festival [New wave], we have available now the quiet season, season, in fact. Opera need money if we want to maintain the high artistic standards. This is a purely economic activity," said Markov.