Phillips first tried to lead a column of legionaries and their supporters in old Riga, but the guards did not allow him to do it. Later, at the monument of Freedom, Phillips, which was the orange vest of a member of the press corps, shouted, "Why do you glorify fascism?" and tried to persuade the marchers answer my questions. In most cases, attempts of Phillips had been ignored. Some older people refused to speak to him in Russian.

In the end, Phillips, was detained. The police did not explain his detention, saying briefly to the detainee himself, he provokes people. The audience welcomed the detention of the journalist of applause.

37-summer Graham Phillips is a British journalist, stringer, an employee of the Russian TV channel Russia Today, were also published in Newsweek, Politico Magazine and other English publications, has been blogging. In your profile on the platform Patreon, he said that the last two years to provide objective information about events in the Donbass. And now he's looking for new places where, according to him, promotion of oppressing the truth. Phillips supports his Internet project "The Truth Speaker", which notes that as an independent journalist.

Despite the fact that Graham Phillips was a freelance employee of the TV channel RT (Russia Today), he began to channel the most recognizable figure from the South-East of Ukraine, his Amateur reports often aired. From late 2014 to March 2015 Graham Phillips collaborated with the TV channel "Star". Personal channel Graham Phillips on Youtube has gained more than 70 thousand subscribers