According to him, while the agreement between the EU and Turkey is difficult to estimate, but progress in addressing the issue of gastight. "And although the agreement is a step forward, I doubt that it will solve all problems", — said the politician.

All the steps aimed at solving the immigration crisis, difficult, and besides, not everyone is satisfied with, stressed Kalnins. "We have to try to move forward, because the uncontrolled flow of refugees as a major threat," — said the head of the parliamentary Commission.

He also admitted ctog agreement between the EU and Turkey will not impede the flow of migrants, since the problems in Syria and Libya continues, and refugees from these countries will arrive in the future. "In any case, this problem should be addressed comprehensively," — said Kalnins.

As reported, the European Council and Turkey on Friday reached agreements on measures to halt the flow of illegal immigrants in the Aegean sea, said the President of the European Council Donald Tusk.

According to the text of the agreement, all illegal immigrants, which since March 20, to cross the Aegean sea and will move from Turkey to the Greek Islands, will be delivered back to Turkey. This will apply to refugees fleeing from hostilities, and economic migrants. Back will be sent to all immigrants regardless of their country of origin.
The cost of the whole process will cover the EU.

Sending immigrants back to Turkey will begin on 4 April.