Elena Lukyanova – the daughter of a famous former politician, last President of the USSR Supreme Soviet (1990-91 years) Anatoly Lukyanov. Doctor of law, 30 years, taught constitutional law at MSU, she is now a Professor of constitutional and administrative law, national research UNIVERSITY "Higher school of Economics, Director of Institute of monitoring of the effectiveness of enforcement The public chamber of Russia. Among other things, for seven years she was the lawyer of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a man of active citizenship...

According to Elena anatolevny, freedom of thought and mind always cultivated in the family Lukianovich. "It is a myth that my dad's whole life was a party functionary — he worked in the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. My mother is a biologist of world renown. Parents were not dissidents, but they always kept me informed of events in the world — we all were read aloud and discussed all".

Nearly five years ago, Elena Lukyanova and her husband — the journalist Sergey Timofeev has received a residence permit in Latvia on the basis of buying an apartment in Jurmala. Now I live in two countries, already tangled, where the house is. At least, on the Russian customs Elena meant the purpose of the visit as "go home!" Until recently Elena liked in Latvia everything: nature, people, energy, language. "The negativity if there was, I didn't notice him, — confessed Elena. — Everything was "Labi".

Two years ago, Lukyanova decided on an extravagant act: married his common-law spouse, who lived for 11 years. The ceremony was conducted in neutral waters, near the Caribbean, where they arrived on the catamaran with the Latvian team. Later we had another check in the registry office of Jurmala and the sea beach party where among the friends was a guest Director Janis Stretch.

Of course, on the background of other Latvian idyll, the news adopted by the Saeima of Latvia amendments to the immigration Act, became a bolt from the blue. But Elena Lukyanova would not be myself if this injustice had not sought to correct. To begin with — has prepared a letter to the President with explanations, than in Latvia and wrong what is the consequence of the adoption of the amendments from the point of view of international law...

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