PVS stated serious violations of hygienic requirements: in areas dominated by mud, surfaces of the tables were covered with remnants of meat products, grease and household dirt. Raw materials and finished products were placed directly on the floor. The premises were not suitable for food production and did not meet the hygienic requirements of the production process.

The inspectors have concerns that the products could be dangerous to human health.

"Not carried out no inspections, no tests not done, the sterility of canned food, nothing else. And there are big doubts that the game checked for diseases such as trichinosis from wild boars. This is very dangerous — people get sick, and in fact this disease cannot be cured", — Ulmanis has told.

Of production of meat of the prey that the hunters have traditionally passed on manufacture of canned food. "It came to shred, and then take the products, but some of the canned food remains and its workers sell to the people", — explained in the food and veterinary service. Violators face a maximum fine of € 700.