The tragedy occurred last week when Hertha groves were returning from a concert held in the hall of the Wigmore Hall. An elderly woman was hit by a truck, writes The Daily Telegraph. From the received traumas she has died on the spot. The truck driver was not arrested, reports TASS.

Hertha groves was the founder of the company the London Hat Company for the production of designer hats. Among the clients of the groves was listed as suppliers of hats for the Royal court and Queen Elizabeth II. Groves has sold hats to fashionistas throughout Europe. She had her own office in Germany.

Hertha groves was born in a wealthy Jewish family in Vienna, Austria. In her youth she saved the Jewish compatriots from the Nazi regime. She used her parents ' home as a school, where he gave "intensive courses" that Jewish women could obtain working visas to leave Nazi-occupied Vienna.

At the age of 19 groves was forced to leave Vienna and flee to Britain with a 17 shillings in his pocket, fleeing from the Holocaust. Hertha's father William died of pneumonia after the Nazis under the threat of weapons forced him to remove the snow on the street.

In London, the girl planned to save up £ 50 to help to emigrate to his mother Amelia, and 13-year-old sister. It was assumed that Amelia will go to Portugal and marry a family friend. However, the Nazis refused to give the woman the death certificate of her husband, confirming widowhood.

Mother and sister Hertha was unable to obtain permission to travel from the Third Reich. They died in a concentration camp in Latvia in 1942.

Groves was twice married. In London she lived in an apartment worth one million pounds, located in the historic area of St. Johns wood.