Regulations is scheduled to take until may 6, 2018, to meet the requirements of the EU Directive on common standards of human rights to privacy.

Currently, the protection of personal data in Latvia is governed by the law on the protection of individuals ' data, which includes similar standards for data processing regardless of the purpose, however, as pointed out by the Ministry of justice, this approach has drawbacks.

The purpose of the bill is to protect the right of individuals to privacy in cases where the processing of data are the competent authorities to investigate and prevent crimes and administrative offences, execution of punishments, the prevention of threats to national and public security, the application of educational coercive measures. The bill applies to law enforcement.

Plans to introduce differences in the treatment of different categories of data. For example, to store data about the offender longer than the witness and the suspect.

The rules would apply to cases where personal data included in the document and it cannot be sorted with the help of any indicator.