Of course, women have always had on men's fashion your look. And opinions about which combinations of men's clothing are attractive and which are repulsive, different women may vary. But what annoys women the most? What "fashion blunders" men really ought to avoid? Some of these lists magazine Kleo.

"Of course, socks and sandals — a killer combination! When men will understand that it is not necessary to do? A slip-on or loafers without socks is stylish. Not only moccasins! White socks should be left for sneakers, and black business shoes! Actually, I can't stand guys who daily wear sports clothes and shoes. If you are not an athlete, then at least three times to come out of his cool cars in the training — you better you will not look! Funny!", — shares his thoughts of Elena (student, 22).

"Men don't understand that sports apparel and clothing in the style of "sport casual" — two completely different things. But even if sporty chic is on the podium and will look good in normal life, something like that is not suitable for every representative of the stronger sex. A good suit that can bring a woman to dizziness," — says Kateryna (journalist, 31).

"I really like the boys in bright shirts! They can perfectly combine with business pants and jeans. It would be great if all the men threw their worn t-shirts with obscene prints!", says Natasha (designer, 28)

"Bad in men's clothing? Short pants! Such are the strange men. Unless they can be taken seriously? But such a man lot now!" — outraged Ludmila (accountant, 48)

"Don't like men tiny shorts, tight causal place! Instead, it is quite possible to choose something more free, more seriously," says Alina (coach, 26)

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