The expert also noted that students now are learning sometimes in June because of the extended school year and exams. In the end, conclusions are drawn that the heat is often unproductive, as not all schools are equipped with good ventilation or air conditioning.

Earlier, the Minister of education and science Karlis Sadurskis ("Unity") stated intention to do an academic year in Latvian schools for two weeks longer. According to the politician, it must be done in order to reduce the burden on students. Reducing summer holidays to two weeks will allow you to enter additional, mandatory for all sports lesson, because the schoolchildren of today are moving too little, Sadurskis explained.

The Minister also said that the purpose of the Latvian education system is a very lucky man, versed in the world who is willing and able to acquire new necessary knowledge. However, he believes that children need not only to give knowledge but to raise the child loyal to Latvia the man.

"If this is implemented, as is already currently the law provides that young people from national minorities. Reform must be deliberate and serve a specific purpose," said Sadurskis.