Pasture walked the 20-kilometer distance in 1:34.51 and finished 15th among 51 participants. This result is inferior than a minute personal record latviski, but with the extra surpasses the Olympic a standard, which is now an athlete qualify for participation in the Olympic games 2016. At previous Games in London in 2012, Pastore ranked 24th.

Another Latvian Arnis Walker Romaniacs in Slovakia finished 30th (out of 45 possible) on the distance of 50 km with a time of 4:05:20. This result is 40 seconds better than the Olympic qualifying standard of future Games in Rio, but this right Romaniacs made back in November of last year, when I crossed a similar distance in 4:03:44.

In addition Romaniacs and Pasture, previously Olympic standards for participation in the Olympic games of 2016 have completed the following athletes of Latvia: Gunta Latyshev-Cudare (400m), Laura Ikauniece-Almedina (heptathlon), Roland Strobinger, Cinta ozoliņa, Madara Palimaka (javelin), Pauls poets (the pole), and Ilona Markhel included, Valery Zholnerovich and Elena Prokopchuk (all — marathon).

By the way, Elena Prokopchuk, today participated in a traditional Lisbon half marathon with a time of 1:11.44 took seventh place. Another Latvian runner Anita Kazamaki with a time of 1:19.48 finished 17th.